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Complete Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Want to re-do your hot tub? Read below for the entire maintenance guide

Has your hot tub been showing signs of malfunctioning lately? Is the water inside covered with scum or any other dirty matter? If you have been noticing any damage or disruption in the proper functioning of your hot tub, it is time to take up a maintenance spree.

At the time you purchased a hot tub or spa, you might have been made aware of the kind of maintenance that it requires. Now, it is time to implement the tips that will help either repair the disruptions or if there is still time, then keep the hot tub in a fresh and new-like shape.

There are different steps to maintaining a hot tub. Listed is the step wise guide to hot tub maintenance.


The very first time that you fill your hot tub with water, remember that you have to first clean your brand new tub thoroughly prior to using it. Wash it with soap and then wash it and wipe it nicely. Make sure that there is no soap residue left inside the tub at the time you are filling it with water.

This will prevent any foam from forming and settling on the surface of the water. Also, while filling the water in the hot tub, make sure that you fill it only till the water level line. Too less water in the tub leads to improper heating. Any carelessness in the first time maintenance of your hot tub can cause trouble later on.


During the initial stages of hot tub usage, be particular about the following things related to the maintenance of these vessels.

Remember to add 6 tablets of bromine and 8 table spoons of Calcium Hardness Increaser to the hot tub. The bromine keeps the water inside clean while the calcium protects various parts of the spa from corrosion.

It is okay even if you do not understand the usage of many hot tubs chemicals initially. However, with time make sure that you read and more about the proper usage of spa boss chemicals.


Post the first two months of using a hot tub or spa, you will be required to regularly take maintenance steps to keep your hot tub free of damage and disruption issues. While it is recommended that you check the pH and acid levels inside the hot tub every two or three days, take up the cleaning process twice every month.

ADDING BROMINE: Spa boss bromine is an important chemical that needs to be added to the hot tub regularly and quite frequently. However, checking the right level of bromine in the water is even more important. In case the bromine levels inside the water are high, reduce the size of the aperture on the floor.

MAINTAINING THE PH LEVELS: The alkalinity inside the hot tub is as important as is the level of acid. Use hot tub or spa test strips to check the pH levels. Thereafter, add an alkalinity increaser or decrease, as required.

Regularly checking the condition of the water inside your hot tub is a sure shot way of figuring out whether your hot tub accessories is functioning properly or not. Damage that canít be addressed by spa chemicals and hot tub maintenance tools would need expert intervention.

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