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Making Your Home Warm and Cosy this Winter

Making Your Home Warm and Cosy this Winter

As the days get colder, the lure of a lovely, toasty living room gets even more appealing; throwing your coat, hat and scarf off and being enveloped by the warmth of home sounds like heaven.

But thereís nothing that can burst that bubble of bliss like a cold draft that sends us running for our woollies.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to can keep Jack Frost at bay. From making a few quick adjustments that will keep your energy bills in check to investing in charming gas fires and surrounds, here are some top tips to staying cosy this winter.

Shut Those Drafts Out

Drafts can waste from 30 to 50 per cent of the heat in your house, and they often lead to false thermostat readings. Walk around your home and inspect each window to see how much the drafts are ruining your cosiness. Likewise put your finger by the gap under the door to see how much cold air is leaking into your living space.

Theyíre easy to fix though, even if you canít afford double-glazed windows. You can buy rubber draft linings to glue onto the sides of the windows, which will keep the worst of the cold out.

As for your front door, a rolled-up bath towel placed at the bottom should keep the heat inside the house, where it belongs. Or you can treat yourself to a quirky draft excluder.

Home Insulation

If youíre looking to set aside some money to invest in warming up your home but you still donít want to fork out for a new boiler, you should look into loft insulation. You could cut your energy use by around 25 per cent, as well as stay nice and warm!

Itís far cheaper than a lot of other drastic measures that people seem to take, and you can even do it yourself if youíre looking to save money. According to the Energy Saving Trust, insulating your loft can save you up to £175 a year, and will pay itself off in a year or two.

Home Heating Solutions

While itís important to look at the fundamental issues affecting your home Ė i.e. sorting drafts and insulation Ė sometimes you just need to take the plunge and beef up your heating.

That can mean looking at your central heating Ė either getting a new system or paying for an engineer to flush through and recalibrate your system Ė or, if you donít have it, investing in an electric system.

There are some very stylish electric fire suites available from high street names like Homebase, meaning you would be very unfortunate not to find something to suit the character of your home. And with an icy winter already taking grip, there may be no better time to rid your home of cold and welcome in the warmth.