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5 Hints to Transform Your Living Room from Plain to Perfect

Is your living room due for a makeover? Read below to find out how to do just that.


White or off-white walls are drab and show dust. Putting some color on your walls will instantly make your living room more appealing. Red is a popular color for walls and can give a room a modern or traditional ambiance, depending on the shade, trim and your furniture. Blue walls are always in style. Green is relaxing. Gold warms up rooms that tend to be dark. Donít be afraid to try contrasting colors instead of white for trim.


Are you bored with regular curtains or tired of cleaning horizontal blinds? Meet with a window covering expert to learn about the many styles of blinds, drapes and shades available. If youíve painted your living room, you may want custom curtains that complement your walls. Horizontal or vertical bamboo shades look good with earth tones. They also work well with French doors. Elegant window treatments look best in traditional living rooms. Heavy drapes can help keep out heat and cold, making your living room more comfortable and reducing heating and cooling bills.


A bay window flanked by bookcases is a perfect place to spend an afternoon reading. An alcove is a great place for a desk. Creating cozy areas makes more usable space and gives each family member a feeling of privacy while all being together in one room.


Adding a fireplace to your living room is easier and less expensive than it sounds. Vent-free fireplaces are available in traditional and freestanding styles. For a modern room, select a modern fireplace that attaches to the wall like a flat-screen television. You can also choose an electric fireplace. Fireplaces instantly make your living room attractive. Freestanding, traditional-looking fireplaces give you a space to display family photos and holiday decorations.


Is your living room full of video games, gaming systems, DVDs and chargers for electronics? Put all the clutter out of sight and protect your electronics and movie and music libraries with an entertainment center. Entertainment centers let you stay organized on a daily basis and hide everything, including the television, when youíre entertaining.

With the five steps above, you can easily turn your boring, messy living room into the stylish space youíve always imagined.

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