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Front Porch Decorating Fall
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Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

Autumn is here and the fall colors that come with it. Orange, yellow, gold and brown are the primary colors of the season, giving homeowners numerous decorating ideas for the house, particularly right on the front porch. Give your home a look that reflects the season including incorporating updates along the way to transform it from a Halloween to a Thanksgiving theme.


Clear out a section of the front porch, especially a corner that gets a lot of attention as you enter the home. Prop up a scarecrow in the corner and place a bale of hay directly in front of it. Flank the hay with two very large jack o’lanterns, and place gourds and small pumpkins in front of the hay.

Once Halloween has finished, remove the jack o’lanterns, placing these in your compost pile. Replace them with boy and girl Pilgrim figures to signal the transition to Thanksgiving. Tom turkeys or other seasonal displays can work out just as well. Keep everything in place through Thanksgiving, then move everything out to clear the way for your Christmas decorations.


The stairs leading up to your front door are the ideal place to display your arrangement of fall flowers. Mums are the ideal flowers, available in a variety of seasonal colors including bronze, gold and yellow, as well as white and purple.

Mix and match your color choices and sizes. Consider placing smaller planters at the base of the stairs, with progressively larger plants on each step until you reach the top. For mums, you will need to average six hours of full sunlight. Other flowers to consider that can be placed in planters include colchicum, aster, sedum and clematis. Consider using these with your mums to add variety or design your own look.


Corn stalks are another idea for front porch decorating. Like bales of hay, stalks can be quite messy, so consider setting up your display on your front lawn instead. Lawn displays need to be held in place with chords or twine, however.

A corn stalk display can work on your porch if you have ample room on either side of the door to place this arrangement without hiding the doorbell or other light fixtures. Use twine to tie the stalks to a post and weave in white Christmas lights to make a dramatic impact. Place colorful fall leaves within the stalks, securing if desired. Small pumpkins, gourds and mums located at the base of the stalks can stimulate visual interest.


Homeowners with a very small porch or limited footprint for display purposes can find an oversized wooden planter and fill it with mums. Places small pumpkins and gourds in front of that and decorate the planter with white lights. Place indian corn on your front door to accentuate the entrance.

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