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Four Fragrances to Help Brighten Up Your Home

Four Fragrances to Help Brighten Up Your Home

There are few things in life like the simple pleasures. One of these pleasures is to have a really lovely smelling home. It can make all the difference between having a home that you love and cherish and a house that is purely functional. Not only is having a great scent in your house lovely for whilst youíre in it, but it is also essential for anyone trying to sell or rent out a house.

Viewing a nicely fragrant home can make people favour it over those without such a good scent. These are just four fragrances that could really brighten up your home.


Give your home a fresh burst with a citrus fragrance. This scent is at once both exotic and familiar. You can find some great citrus scented cleaning products from companies such as zoflora.co.uk, but you can also get air fresheners, plug-ins, room perfumes and more, all with citrus fragrances. You could even make your own great citrus fragrance for your home, by making pot pouri with real citrus peel.


There are so many different floral fragrances to choose from that you will have a hard time picking which one is best for you. If you prefer light and fresh floral scents, something in the way of a spring flower fragrance might be good for you. For a classic and traditional scent, try rose, although some sweeter rose scents can be more contemporary, such as Turkish rose jam fragrances. If you want a rich and deep floral fragrance, you could go with a herb like lavender. If you want a sweet and uplifting floral fragrance, give something like hyacinth or cherry blossom a go.


Rich, warm and earthy, cinnamon is a scent that could brighten up any home. They say that scents evoke memories and cinnamon makes you think of Christmas or freshly baked cookies. Though itís not for the light hearted, cinnamon can make your home feel really special. You wonít want to leave your cosy cinnamon scented home in a hurry, thatís for sure.


Vanilla is a scent that is almost universally liked. Even if itís not your favourite scent, you canít really complain about a sweet, vanilla scented home. Take yourself back to a warm summerís day, where youíre enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone. If you want a vanilla fragrance for your home, there are many commercial choices, air fresheners and the like. Alternatively, you could even use natural vanilla pods to fragrance your home.

Which fragrance you choose is going to be down to personal preference. Different people prefer different scents. Since you canít please everyone, you may as well please yourself by choosing a scent you love. Whatever fragrance you go with, it will be sure to brighten up your home and make it all the more pleasant to live in.

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