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Home Flooring Renovation Plans

Home Flooring Renovation Plans

Ceramic tiling — It is easy to maintain, durable and moderately expensive. Ceramic tiling also comes various colors, styles and sizes. Most popularly used in a kitchen, you can also find ceramic in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Hardwood flooring — Found in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and home entranceways, hardwood offers an elegant touch to any room. Flooring is available in a variety of woods and colors, from the subtle to the dramatic. Woods range from the moderately priced to the expensive.

Vinyl linoleum — The most affordable floor covering is linoleum, an easy to install floor covering that is sold in vinyl squares. With its adhesive backing, linoleum sticks to kitchen floors, dens, laundry rooms, play areas and other areas of your home. Pricing is based on each 12×12 square or 12-foot strip with the former running from about 69 cents per square foot on up.

Carpeting or rugs — Wall to wall carpeting is desired for its durability, affordability and elegant good looks. A carpet can transform a room like nothing else, bringing a dramatic foundation to the forefront and providing inspiration for further room decoration. Installation typically is handled by a seasoned professional, therefore add labor costs to your project. Also consider placing area rugs over your existing flooring.

Parquet tiles — What hallway or living room wouldn’t benefit from the look of parquet tiles? Yours can certainly enjoy the elegance that this floor covering brings. Such tiles are durable, very easy to maintain and affordable. You can, however, opt for pricier patterned designs that can look great in your dining room or a master bedroom.

Flooring Considerations- Other flooring choices to consider include quarry flooring for your bathrooms, wide-plank softwood flooring to create a country look and a patterned tile canvas that can look great over a living room floor. Just remember to consider all costs related to installation including flooring, tools and labor.