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Five Home Emergencies
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What To Do If You Experience These Five Home Emergencies

Read below to find out what you need to do if you experience these five home emergencies.

No homeowner wants to have their day ruined by an emergency situation that they didnít see coming. However, if you own a home, emergencies will pop up from time to time. Here are a few emergency situations that you may experience and how you can deal with them properly.


On a 95 degree day, the last thing that you want to deal with is your air conditioner breaking down. If you deal with especially hot weather in the summer, be sure to take your family and pets to a neighborís home or park with shade, which includes a pool or lake to cool off in. Staying in the house without air conditioning even for a few hours can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. The best thing to do is call a professional who can get the parts for your unit fast and have it up and running within hours.


Water damage is nothing to take lightly. If you notice that your basement is flooding, call a water removal company immediately. The sooner the water is gone, the less likely it is that your home will suffer serious damage or that mold will grow in the basement. Clear your floor of belongings, whether they are wet or not, to prevent further damage.


What should you do when a pipe bursts or is loose and water is leaking everywhere? The first thing that you should do is identify where the leak is. If you can, use a zip tie or duct tape to hold the pipe together. Turn off the water immediately if you canít stop the leak. The next step is to call a plumber who can make a quality repair to ensure that the pipe doesnít break or come loose again in the future.


There are a variety of reasons why the power could go out. If a fuse goes out, simply look for the broken one and replace it. If the circuit breaker goes out, just reset it and the power should come on. When the power is out because the power grid is down, the best idea is to buy a generator to produce power if you need your refrigerator or an oxygen machine running at all times.


Whenever a fire occurs in your house, get as far way from the flames as possible. If the fire is localized to one spot, try to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out. Otherwise, get out of the house and call 911 immediately. People often worsen electrical fires or get hurt because they try to put it out with water, which is not effective for these types of fires.

There are many different home emergencies that you may experience as a homeowner. For the most part, your first reaction should be to temporarily fix the problem if possible before calling a professional. However, if it is unsafe to do so, get yourself and your family out of danger and call for help where it is safe.

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