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Quality Fittings for Your Bathroom Renovation

Quality Fittings for Your Bathroom Renovation

Consumers are increasingly seeking higher standards when it comes to bathroom renovation. This has a knock-on effect when deciding to sell a property, when introducing touches of luxury and style into a room that is often neglected can clinch the final sale.

Pick Your Battles

A key tactic when undertaking a bathroom renovation is to exercise judgement between what should be new and what can be renewed. Completely gutting a bathroom and creating a high-concept design will be expensive – and often unnecessary. Finding the balance between purchasing high-end fixtures and fittings and polishing those that already exist can mean the difference between increasing the value of a property and reducing the final profit margin.

Seek Out Real Quality

While it is vital to minimise expenditure in order to achieve the largest possible return from a final sale it is also imperative to use real quality in the right places. Consumers now recognise high quality goods from top-end bathroom goods manufacturers like Hudson Reed, regarded as being the most desirable bathroom fixtures brand. The careful selection of some fittings will ensure would-be buyers leave with the right impression. Hudson Reed’s range, seen here, shows their full portfolio of bathroom fixtures and fittings.

When choosing such products it is vital to consider if the extra expenditure will be recouped by the final sale. The key point here is that you are not refurbishing the bathroom for yourself but for someone else: ultimately the purpose of the bathroom refit is to earn you a return. Unless you are selling in the top end of the market, only when you have found your ‘forever house’ should you consider refitting solely with designer fittings.

Focus on the Small Details

Studies have shown that those looking to buy a home are drawn to certain features, particularly taps and shower heads. High-end choices of these fittings will live long in the memory, and the effort and expense of a luxurious finish can be wasted if fittings like the taps do not match the rest of the bathroom.

The available range is extensive, varying in design from traditional to modern and free-standing to crosshead. With product names that are as expansive as the designs, the final choices should tie-in design themes and styles that run throughout the rest of the bathroom. The choice of curves, straight-lines or cubic- or antique-styles is an individual one, but used correctly it will elevate the perception of the finished bathroom from adequate to memorable.

These choices are as relevant across Hudson Reed’s portfolio of products. The firm also manufactures mirrors and cabinets, bathroom furniture, bath and shower panels and designer radiators and heated towel rails, all of which can add extra panache to decoration.

Don’t Forget the Décor

Bathroom décor plays just as important a role in a finished renovation as any fixtures or fittings. Repainting with light colours will provide a clean, fresh atmosphere while also making the room seem larger – as will placing a new, large mirror adjacent to a window. New tiles and fresh grouting can completely invigorate the perception of a bathroom, though a quality vinyl floor can also achieve this. A well-chosen heating solution can marry functionality with style and help to cater sufficiently for all tastes.

When it comes to selling your house, it is important to remember that it is a sale you are seeking. Coupling the best possible finish with a few well-chosen updates will minimise costs and maximise profit margins, while ensuring the finished article is cleaned daily will mean that when the would-be buyers

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