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Essential Elements For Your Home Office
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Five Essential Elements for Your Home Office

Read below to learn five essential elements to make your home office better.

If you are taking on the task of working at home, writing a book, or going back to school, then you are going to want a good home office. You want it to be comfortable, but also a room that feels like an office, as well as your own space. Every facet of the design is important to the atmosphere of the room, and how well you will be able to work in it. With these five elements, your home office will be so comfortable, you’ll never want to leave it.


When picking the color you want to paint the walls of your office, your first thought will probably be your favorite color. While it is important that you like the color you will have to look at for 5+ hours a day, the psychology of our reactions to color is also essential. Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow), can give you feelings of warmth and comfort, but they also tend to invoke feelings of rage and hostility. So, say, if you get a bad phone call, your yellow walls will only make you feel more upset, while the cool colors (blue, green, purple) have a more calming effect overall.


If you walk into a room and see a bed, you think about sleep; if you walk into a room where the desk is the centerpiece, you will think about work. While it’s definitely okay to put a couch in your office, make sure your desk is the first thing you see, so your brain will set itself to "work mode".


Whatever you use for storage, make sure you use something efficient, simple, and something that works for you. If everything you need is easy for you to find, your spirits and drive to finish your work will be kept high.


There’s no question, your work area needs to be well lit–it will be easier for you to see what you’re doing, so you’ll be able to stay awake and alert longer. If you become tired every time you work, you will begin to feel tired upon setting foot in the room, because your brain has become accustomed to that feeling.


One last, very important thing: make the space yours. Make it look how you want it to, so that you are always comfortable. Include pictures or objects that make you happy, to ensure that you stay motivated throughout your work day.

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