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Easy Ways To Entertain Outside

Easy Ways To Entertain Outside

Choose your venue — You will need a place for everyone to gather and that place can be a patio, a deck or around a pool. If you lack such an area, but have ample lawn space, then set up tables and chairs on flat ground, preferably where shade is in abundance or where sun can be limited by an edifice such as the side of your house.

Buffet or formal seating — Decide whether your guests will be served at a table or go to a table to get their food buffet style. The former option may require more table space and careful planning, the latter is relaxed and can let guests find seating on folding chairs, a picnic table or on a swing. Set up card or end tables near seats to provide a place for your guests to to place their plates and drinks.

Easily accessible drinks — Warmer weather means your guests will be working up a sweat, even without much movement. They’ll be thirsty, therefore you have an opportunity to make thirst-quenching drinks readily available to them by filling up a large cooler with ice and drinks, placing it within easy reach of your guests. Tip: Add dry ice to the bottom when a particularly hot day is forecast. Your regular ice will last longer and drinks will remain cold as long as the lid is kept shut.

Pick the right foods — Having the right foods on hand can make or break your event. It can also spell the difference between people leaving your home sick by eating something that has spoiled. According to theChildren’s Hospital of Wisconsin, signs of food poisoning can mimic the flu, causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Use a meat thermometer to ensure that meats reach an internal temperature of at least 156 degrees, and wash your hands frequently, especially after you handle raw meat. Avoid dishes containing raw eggs, mayonnaise or uncooked cookie dough containing raw eggs. Store perishable food immediately.

Provide games, entertainment — Your guests may find themselves comfortable, but not relaxed. This can mean that you don’t have enough games or entertainment options to occupy people, especially young children. Keep youngsters occupied by supplying a badminton set, frisbees, bats and balls, soap bubbles and other activities kids cherish. Provide some fun for adults too — if you don’t have a pool, a volleyball net, bocce ball or crochet may do it.