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Driveways & Repairs

You may think of your driveway mostly in terms of its practical function, but the driveway is much more than just a necessary utilitarian element. The driveway, which typically takes up significant real estate in front of a house, makes a strong impression on passers-by.

When well maintained, a driveway communicates a welcoming message. If your driveway has room for improvement, think carefully about what needs to be done. Has it gone into a total state of disrepair and ceased to complement the rest of your property? If so, maybe it needs a new design and total overhaul. Are you happy with its layout but bored with bland concrete? A facelift may be the answer. Or do you just need to repair a few cracks and give your asphalt a good scrubbing to help it shine?

Most simple repairs are inexpensive and easily tackled by homeowners, but major work necessitates the skills of a professional driveway contractor.

Repair Cracks In An Asphalt Driveway

For cracks in a concrete driveway, see "Concrete cracks." For small cracks in asphalt, buy a tube of asphalt crack repair compound, sold in a tube tha's meant to fit into a caulking gun.

Sweep loose dirt and debris out of the crack. Then apply the asphalt repair compound according to the label directions.

1)Use a broom or stiff brush to sweep out cracks. If you have a shop vacuum, use it to vacuum up loose dirt and debris.

2) Use a cold-process asphalt repair compound to patch holes and large cracks. Follow the directions on the label.

Note: You can also ask your home improvement dealer whether they carry a self-adhesive polypropylene rubberized fabric, sold in rolled strips, that you just cut, peel, and stick over a crack or small hole.