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Door Styles That Make A Statement
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Door Styles That Make A Statement

Door Styles That Make A Statement

Updating a home can get expensive, but if you want to make a small investment that can yield a fresh look, then changing your doors can liven things up. Yes, your doors — as in your interior doors and those leading to a patio, a deck or to the front of your house.

Interior doors can be had for a pittance too, ranging from $25 for a hollow-core slab door to more than $1,000 for hinged-patio or sliding glass doors. You’ll pay more for installation if you choose to have someone tackle the project for you, with hardware adding to those costs as well.

1. Hollow-core. These are the types of doors you want to move away from if you want to give your room some pop. Still, when it comes to serving a need, the modern look of hollow-core doors can present an advantage, especially if painted or stained. Such doors are also ideal for kids’ bedrooms, making it easy for your children to tape or pin posters on its surface.

2. Panel. Nearly as cost effective as hollow-core doors, panel doors add a common style for a traditional look. They’re also thicker than hollow-core and provide very good soundproofing, offer a lot of bang for the buck and provide a refreshed look for your rooms.

3. Stylish Storm. Sometimes called “decorative storm,” stylish storm doors are the first doors people see when they approach your home. They come in a variety of styles and can also promote energy efficiency. The major drawback with these doors is that they can hide an even more attractive entrance door. Choose a style that enhances and does not detract from your home.

4. Entrance. Speaking of entrance doors, there are more styles that you can choose from than any other door. You can choose between slab and pre-hung doors, with an almost limitless choice in looks. Consider the type of finish you want — paint, stain or varnish — with various textures, glass shapes, colors and designs availalbe. For a refined look, choose an entrance door with sidelights and a transom, and select doorknobs or handle sets that can make your house stand out.

5. Sliding Patio. If you want access to your patio or deck, a sliding door is the logical option here. Such doors bring in ample natural light and provide a panoramic view of your backyard. No flooring space is needed either as these doors sit on tracks and slide open and close. Sliding doors are ideal where room to maneuver is limited.

6. Hinged Patio. Add elegance to your home by opting for a hinged patio door. Such doors are known as “French doors” when separating interior rooms, but also look great when opening to a patio or other outside area. To make these doors work, you will need a large enough room to allow these doors to swing inward.

Quick Installation - The advantage of any door swap out is that you can typically complete the job in as little as 30 minutes. Entrance and patio doors can take the better part of the day to install, especially if framing must also be replaced.