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How To Donate Your Patio Furniture

How To Donate Your Patio Furniture

1. Prepare the furniture. Look over your furniture carefully to ensure that it is suitable for donating. You may need to wash down an umbrella, wipe off a table and touch up the paint on a chair before making your donation. Plan to donate furniture that is in good condition and what meets your charity’s requirements.

2. Take pictures. With your furniture ready to be donated, take pictures of your donation. A picture can come in handy when you file your taxes and can be used for another reason we’ll explore shortly.

3. Contact area organizations. You may be donating your furniture during off-season, which can make it difficult for an organization to sell it at certain times of the year. Contact your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or other 501©(3) charity that accepts furniture and explain what you have. Offer to send an email with an attachment of the photo you took if the representative wants to gauge its condition.

4. Arrange for a pickup. Typically, when furniture is involved, the organization will arrange a pickup time for you. Optionally, if you have a truck and another set of hands available, you may be able to bring it in yourself. Learn the organization’s receiving hours and plan your visit accordingly.

5. Obtain a receipt. Donating furniture to a 501©(3) organization entitles you to take a tax deduction. Get a receipt and determine the value of your donation. Check garage sale ads and Craigslist postings to determine its market value. Save your receipt for your next annual tax filing.