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Den in Disarray? Smart Organizing Tips!

Is your den in disarray? Read below to get smart organizing tips!

If you are fortunate to have a den in your home, you are blessed beyond measure. Dens provide a wonderful sanctuary where you can go in and do your work or find rest after a long day at work. A den adds value to a home, but it can also become an organization nightmare if yours is not in order. Let’s take a look at several smart organizing tips to help your den in disarray.


Perhaps the most significant challenge for you is to keep your den on purpose. What that means is that a den should have a set role, not what the builder or previous homeowner has determined, rather what you want it to be.

If your den is a sewing room, then dedicate it to that. If it is your home office, then other purposes should be ruled out. Maybe your den is your family room, if so use it for that purpose only. The problem with dens is that they can become multipurpose rooms or rooms without a clearly defined purpose.


Your den should be comfortable. If you use it as a hobby room, then a work table, an oversized chair and storage compartments are a must. If you use it as your home office, then you need a desk, a chair, filing cabinets and all the trappings of a home-based business. Dens used as family rooms should have a comfortable couch and a large screen television.

You will also want to have the right mixture of natural and artificial lighting to set the mood. Harsh lighting can strain your eyes while too much natural light can make the room seem too “alive” if you are looking for a place to rest. Consider your heating and cooling needs too; you may want to install a zoned thermostat to regulate temperatures apart from the rest of the house.


The way that you decorate your den should reflect the room’s purpose. Yet, even if the den is an office, you want some warmth present. Choose a wall color that conveys tranquility and serenity, using an off-white, light blue, sandstone or other muted color. You might also consider a contrast too: paint three walls white and then choose a more vibrant color for the fourth wall.

Your den can also showcase items that are important to you. A trophy won at a bowling tournament. Photographs of your family. Your favorite books. An arrangement of dried flowers. If your den is decorated the way that you want, chances are you’ll keep it organized for the long haul.


With your eye on returning your den to its original purpose, you may realize that there are a number of items present that do not belong there. What you cannot use elsewhere in the home can be boxed up and sold at your next yard sale or donated. Take these items in to the charity as soon as possible — to delay may mean to forget, creating more clutter for you elsewhere in the home.

If you are buried in paperwork, go through every draw, file and box to determine what papers you must keep and what paper can be destroyed. For papers you plan to dispose, you will need to shred these first. For important papers you must keep, consider scanning those where a hard copy is not necessary. You can then retrieve what you need through your computer or smartphone, freeing up important storage space.

Returning your den to its past glory will take some work. Once done, you’ll be the happier for it, able to enjoy the room for its desired purpose.

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