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Color, Texture and Style: Decorating Your House to Suit You!

Color, Texture and Style: Decorating Your House to Suit You!

Whether you have just moved into your new home or you have found yourself deeply invested in changing the look of the home that you live in right now, take a moment to think about how you can decorate it. Many people get nervous about the idea of decorating their home, but the truth is that decorating is easy if you just a keep a few simple tips in mind. Consider these methods for giving your home the touches that only you can.

Create a Theme - When you want to create a design for a room, consider creating a theme. If you have a theme for a room, suddenly, things get a lot easier. For example, if you have a room that you are decorating in a nautical theme, you will start to look for wallpaper borders with ships and marine art, and the predominant color scheme will be blue and white.

Welcoming Through Texture - When you want to make sure that a certain room is very inviting and very welcoming, work with the textures. Soft textures like velvet and suede will serve you much better when you are trying to be welcoming than shiny sleek ones like brocades and patent leather. Think about how much you want to touch things when you are shopping for furniture and go from there.

Distressing Your Furniture - A little bit of sandpaper can help you take the harsh edges off of boring furniture, and you can use a rubber mallet and a chisel to put in strategic dents. Distressing your furniture can help you get a unique look all your own.

Personal Art- When you are decorating your home, every family member can be an artist. Have a family art night and frame the results.

Functional or Beautiful- When you are selecting items for your home or when you are looking to get rid of things so that you can do some renovations, remember that if something is in your home, it needs to be functional or beautiful. If it is neither, it should probably go.

Accent Walls- An accent wall is a single wall or section of wall that is painted something different from the others. Sometimes, the effect is subtle, like painting a wall a more vibrant shade of peach than the other walls. On the other hand, you might enjoy a more vibrant look if you paint one wall geranium and leave the others a rather soft white.

Adding a Touch of (Plant) Life - Add some house plants to give your home a livelier touch. Even if you donít have a green thumb, some plants do well with a fair amount of benign neglect. Cactuses, lucky bamboo and spider plants are all great ways to get some life into your home.

Glass Effects - For classy and elegant windows, consider window decals that mimic stained glass or wrought iron.

The Important Things - What is important to you? One way to give your home some personality is to turn your interests into decorations. If you love your books, consider a stately glass-fronted bookcase to store them in. If you love to quilt, consider hanging the quilts on your wall.

Tapestries for Warmth and Texture - To give your walls a bit of warmth and texture, consider using tapestries to cover up the bare spots. Tapestries can range from thick and brocade to thin and cotton, so consider what your options are going to be and what colors you will love.

Home decoration doesnít have to mean expensive that you need to re-finance your mortgage or save all year long to make it happen. However, decent items with personality do increase the value of you house. Take a moment to consider how you can decorate your home best; remember that you are the expert when it comes to your own space and your own interests.

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