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Creating A Loft Space
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Creating a Loft Space that Draws Attention

Read below to find out how you can draw attention to your loft space

Loft areas have come to mean many different things in living space. Loft apartments are spaces that are designed on an open concept where everything, including the bedroom, is accessible in one room. Bathrooms are typically partitioned off but still a part of the one-room design. Houses and office spaces with lofts are often on an upper level and serve as a bonus room. They make cozy retreats within a house of rooms that have other traditional purposes.


The most memorable loft spaces blend in with the other decor, yet they have some added feature that makes them stand out as a separate space. It is easy to do this with lighting, which can intentionally direct the eyes to the attractiveness of the space. Lofts with high vaulted ceilings, for example, might use uplighting to draw attention to the vastness of the space. They could also use track lighting to spotlight specific areas or highly decorative artisan pendant lights that are different from all the other lighting fixtures in the house. All lighting helps to highlight loft space as a bonus area and should be designed to make people feel like they are transformed when they arrive in the loft.

Loft space could also be set off with brightly colored wall coverings. This could be achieved with wallpaper, paint or large fabric panels on an accent wall. Some designers have found decor options in old windows or door frames that can be used as oversized picture frames. This concept works much like empty ornate antique frames. There are no pictures in them, but the elaborate etchings in the frames create texture against a colored wall. This is a design technique that immediately draws people to spend time in a loft.


Area rugs are a good way to set off loft space. Plain rugs do this with color. More neutral colors like tan, gray or off-white anchor all the design choices in the rest of the loft. In a loft space where there are bright colors and patterns, a neutral area rug in a solid color is an eye-catching foundation. It grounds other features of the room that may not be as subtle.

Rugs or flooring choices that are not as conservative almost serve as pieces of art. They draw attention to the floor and pull curious onlookers in more quickly. People typically think of rugs as more functional items in the decor. They keep the floor warm and help prevent trips and falls. Bright colors, florals, large pattern repetitions and art replicas on rugs are great conversation starters and move beyond function. If the loft space is for entertaining rather than relaxing, this is a good place to start with design.


Ideal furniture pieces for a loft are small with clean lines. Adding bulky sofas or too much furniture tends to minimize the charm of these spaces. It is best to find furniture that can be easily moved when more space is needed or that does not take up too much space in the loft. Furniture that serves multiple functions works well. Sleek futons, ottomans that are coffee tables, storage cubes and window seating make wonderful loft furniture.

The key to designing any loft space is to accessorize using furniture and color treatments that accentuate the loft’s original character. A space that has lots of natural woods with matching crown molding should be designed to retain the beauty of the wood and not painted. Remodeling should be based on highlighting charm for ultimate loft appeal.

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