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Four Tips to Create Your Own Arts and Crafts Room

Four Tips to Create Your Own Arts and Crafts Room

Even though we live in a fast-paced world, many of us still find time for leisure activities. Although the demands of work and school (not to mention playing around on our electronic gadgets) may be great, setting aside time for yourself to indulge in arts and crafts can foster a sense of calm and accomplishment.

Millions are hooked on the trend of crafting. Whether you love to create scrapbooks, design rhinestone jewelry, quilt, create vision boards or partake in other artsy hobbies, a dedicated craft room in your home will help inspire your creativity. The following four budget-friendly tips can help you make the most out of this unique haven.

Organize your supplies. Even though itís been said a messy desk is the sign of a genius, disorganization can detract from the valuable time needed for your activities. Not to mention, itís frustrating when you canít put your hand on a piece of fabric or a bottle of glitter when you need them. A well-placed bulletin board or storage containers can help you get organized. The latter are quite versatile and can be carried from room to room.

Maximize your space. "Cluttered room, cluttered mind," itís been said. Bulky furniture or dressers will only make a small room appear more compact. Maximize the square footage in your craft room by adding wall shelves. These handy shelves can free up a lot of space and bring character to your room. Brightly colored yarn and ribbon on spools, beads or buttons in jars and hand paints organized by color on a wall shelf becomes a decoration within itself. Storage cubes are another great room maximizer that can be stored under a desk, inside a closet or stacked to increase space.

Group your tools. No two tools are alike. You may need cutting shears for one project and an embossing tool or glue gun for another. Donít jumble all of your implements in one box. Sort them according to craft project so that when youíre ready to sew or scrapbook, theyíll be easily accessible.

Set up a dedicated workstation. Another tip for boosting your creativity is to create a workstation in your craft room that is designed for a specific activity. As you set up this work table, keep several things in mind that make your tasks more effective: Do you like to stand or sit for different projects? Do you work better facing a window or facing the door? Make sure your workstation is the right height so you donít grow uncomfortable when youíre in the middle of a project. You may even choose to have several worktables in the event that you leave one project unfinished, but want to take on another one without messing up the project-in-process.

Crafting is a relaxing and satisfying way to decompress and contribute something meaningful to the world. Even if you arenít a craft enthusiastic, posting countless pictures of your projects to your social networking sites and even selling them online, a part-time hobby still deserves a room that is organized and spacious to get the creative juices flowing.