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What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You

Read below to find out what the color of your front door says about you

The front door of your home opens into your own personal interior design but did you know that the color that you select can offer visitors a glimpse into your personality? Color is a choice that youíll have when you purchase your new entry way and that makes it a direct reflection of what your personality is like.

Look at some of the colors below to see if the one that you prefer is indicative of the authentic and innermost personality that you have.

Orange. If you choose orange as the main color for your door, it represents an outgoing personality of someone who enjoys having fun, gathering with family and friends, and a person who is an extrovert.

Red. The color red indicates that you are bold, you are not afraid of speaking your thoughts, and you donít care if your home stands out above all of the others. You are comfortable with your own sense of style.

White. If youíre an organized person or strive to be most of the time, then you should choose white. Itís a crisp, clean color that can be enhanced in many different ways.

Green. The choice of green indicates that you are loyal to your home, community, charitable organizations, and you demonstrate traditional values with your lifestyle.

Black. If youíre always consistent but a little on the reserved or conservative side, then this is the color for you. Itís a timeless look that shows you donít care about trends and fads.

Yellow. This bright and lively color means that youíre a leader and you enjoy being in the midst of groups of people where your ideas are accepted and revered.

Purple. The ďfree spiritĒ in you will prompt you to select purple. You donít mind taking risks and your dreams are to the moon and back; you dream big.

Along with the color selection, youíll be able to express your personal preferences with the hardware that you choose to complement your door, spyholes to add security, and glazing patterns that add a touch of style to your door. Youíll also be able to choose letter boxes and knockers that personalize your entry way even more.

Make sure that you partner with a reliable company that has a staff of professionals who can help you with all of the choices that you have. Youíll want to select a front door that provides thermal efficiency, beauty, and security all in the same attractive package.

Blending a beautiful door with functionality is an excellent way to improve the curb appeal of your home and give it just a touch of class that conveys your statement of style.

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