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How To Clean Various Types Of Carpet Stains?

Check out our latest tip on cleaning carpet stains! We are experts at this and if you need help or have questions about cleaning your carpet feel free to contact us!

Carpet is one of the most common things, which is used in almost every home. Because of the wear it receives, it is most susceptible to nearly every type of stain. Some of the stains are easy to clean, but some may not go easily. To get rid of any kind of stain, the faster you act the better results you will get.

Before starting to clean any stain from the carpet, it is essential to blot the stain. Also, before applying any cleaning method or solution, itís better to know the kind of stain the carpet has. The various kinds of stains can be categorized as:

Water-Soluble Stains

Substances that are water based are usually easy to clean, especially when the spill is treated when it is fresh. These stains generally include mud, alcoholic beverages, latex paint, soda, jelly, colas, ice cream, gravy, milk, washable ink, etc. In order to remove any of these water soluble stains, one can try out following steps:

Use clean water to remove the stain

Blot gently using a white paper towel from the edge of the stain and move inward

If water fails to remove the stain, try using mild solutions

Make sure to use right solution depending on the type of carpet

Use water and clear dishwashing liquid for wool or wool-blends

Use a tablespoon of ammonia mixed in a cup of water for other types of carpet

Hydrogen peroxide works well, but only on white fabrics

Special Water-Soluble Stains

There are some special water soluble stains that require some special treatment. These stains can be caused by coffee, chocolate, blood, vomit, wine, mustard, tea, etc. In order to treat these kind of stains:

Use mild detergent and water to clean wool or wool-blend carpet

Try one tablespoon of ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water for other type of carpets

If the above trick doesnít work, try using one part of chlorine bleach to five parts water

Use bleach only on solution-dyed carpets as it can harm other types of carpets

Fat and Oil Based Stains

Oil and fat based stains are usually hard to remove as they tend to darken over time. These kinds of stains generally include butter, cooking oil, deodorant, margarine, butter, makeup, gasoline, etc. For removing such stains, along with some good carpet cleaning supplies you can apply the following methods:

Set a paper towel over the carpet and iron on warm adjusting

If the above method doesnít work, let a detergent soaked into the stained area and wash it in the water.

Again repeat the operation if stain is still visible

Wax and Gum Stains

Wax and gum if not removed on time can ground into the carpet and set inside, which can bind the fibers together. If not cleaned properly, they can damage the carpet. The best way to remove these stains is:

Coat the wax or gum with ice, and set aside to freeze up

Softly pick away the indurate stuff without tugging at the carpet strands

For wax residue, cover the area with paper towels and use iron on medium heat to pick up the wax

For gum residual, smudge the area with a dry carpet cleaner and then use a moist cloth to absorb the cleaning residue.

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