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How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Home

Painting the interior or exterior of your house? Find out what colors you should choose by reading below!

Deciding what to paint your home may seem like a daunting task, but painting your home comes in two major steps. Thereís the face of your home, that everyone can readily view, and then thereís the inside of your home, where those who know you and your preferences can see how that translates to wall colors. When choosing a color palette for your home, you should ideally unify the outside and inside into a holistic scheme that announces your home as yours.


1. Calm, Earthy Tones - Browns and beiges look particularly well on older homes that donít feel the need to shout their presences to the world. These tones invite viewers in gradually, and they allow features on the outside of the home or in the yard to catch the attention first. If you have an especially charming section of brickwork or historical and ornate window panes, donít let paint take-over and become the centerpiece of your home.

2. The Bright and Bold - Strong colors are much more important when a home is surrounded by other houses which closely resemble it or when the homeowner doesnít feel the need to have other attractions built in the front of the home and yard. Even traditional paint colors such as dark reds or blues seek to attract the eyes of people who pass by because of the stark contrast among surrounding homes.

3. Pretty White Houses - On the more traditional side, anyone can find a shade of white that suits his/her tastes. In older houses, white often symbolized dignity and respectability, but in more modern homes, white can be an effort at creating a simple color scheme which makes no effort to either hide or stand out. It emphasizes traditional beauty and cleanliness.


1. Complimentary Colors - Once youíre painting the inside of your home, the options become much broader because youíre no longer limited to a single color scheme. Rooms often have colors which invoke certain emotions and feelings, and the more private the room, the more the colors can reflect personal taste and preference.

One way to do this without causing any single color to dominate large areas of the home is to work with complimentary colors. These are two colors which balance each other out. For example, a dark shade with a light shade of a different color, or two colors near enough on the color spectrum that they can flow together. This works especially well in rooms with a single continuous wall that has no natural divider. Simply alter the paint color at the corner and the shift will look natural and clearly mark the different rooms.

2. Single Color Schemes - Many rooms have color schemes experts describe as natural. White is very popular for bathrooms because of its cool, neutral color with subconscious connections to cleanliness. Blue is another of the cooler colors, and itís a popular pick for the bedroom because it provides a backdrop for many accessories. Green and yellow are especially popular in kitchens because they offer connections to nature and food. Living rooms are often painted in reds, yellows, and grays.

When choosing how to paint your home, remember that thereís both an inside and an outside component to this. Ideally, the two components should work in harmony, but since every individualís taste is unique, the painting melody will come together as you choose start looking at various swatches. Combine these two elements however you wish and make your house your home.

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