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Care Of Your Roof
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Home Care Tips and FAQ for Managing Your Home
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Roofing Repairs

Care of Your Roof:

Roofs should be kept clean of debris. Valleys, drains and gutters should be kept clear and free flowing. If you don't feel safe doing the work call a experienced professional contractors. Roof maintenance is an important part of the life expectancy of your roof. Coating a flat built up roof can prolong its life. A leak doesn't necessarily mean the roof needs replacement, the sealant around pipe jacks, vents, and etc. may dry out or pull loose and need to be repaired.

Keep Traffic off Roof:

People on the roof to watch fireworks, other tradesmen etc., can damage your roof. Do not fasten aerials or guide wires to your roof. Guarantees do not cover damage by others and may void your warranty. Other trades people cutting into your roof or altering it may also void your warranty. Contact your roofing contractor prior to having any work done on your roof.

A Leak Isn't Always Caused by Your Roof:

Leaks can come from windows, flashings, AC's, siding, planters, pipes or water below the building. Try to be certain where the water is coming from before calling your roofer. Roofers often spend costly time looking for a leak only to find the water is coming from some other source.

All Roofs Have A Life Span:

Watch your roof for signs of aging. Granules coming off a composition shingle, shingles becoming brittle, built-up roofs beginning to crack, wood shingles beginning to curl and split. Felt under a tile roof may become dry and brittle or a crack in a tile may leak. Any of these signs indicate its time to start looking at re-roofing.