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Breathe New Life Into An Old Home
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The Four Best Ways to Breathe New Life Into an Old Home

Read below to find out how to breathe new life into an old home

Many old homes have charm, character, and histories worth sharing, but that doesn’t mean they should look like they’re stuck in the past. If your old home makes you yawn (or worse), there are plenty of things you can do to breathe new life into it.


They say that first impressions are the most important, and while the veracity of that cliché is up for debate, no one can deny that a home with a beautiful entryway has a unique way of welcoming both guests and residents. To makeover your entrance, paint your door with lively, glossy paint to make it pop. Red is a nice choice. Add a new doorknob and a fresh welcome mat, and you’ll be surprised by how the changes make a huge difference.

Of course, any part of your home can look new thanks to a coat of paint. Certain color schemes fit better with particular rooms, and the size, shape, and feel of each room plays a role as well. Inspiration for color can come from anywhere, such as design catalogues, your favorite restaurant, or your neighbor’s living room. An article at HGTV offers more guidance on picking colors like a pro.


Lighting affects mood, productivity, and the entire feel of a space. A lack of light can make a room feel like a cave, whereas light that is too bright or harsh can cause headaches and call attention to every little flaw. Experiment with lighting. Move lamps around, buy new lamps, give a facelift to old lamps with a new shade.

Think about the fixtures in your home. Can you replace those ugly fluorescent tubes in your kitchen with something more suited to your personal style? Have you always thought it would be cool to have a chandelier over the dining room table? An article at Freshome further explains how you can use lighting to your advantage.

Also pay attention to the light bulbs themselves. A new trend in lighting is the smart light bulb. These Wi-Fi enabled marvels can change color, changing the mood in a room. They also have settings specifically geared to help you concentrate, relax, or read.


Nothing quite makes a home feel stale like old things that you don’t use and may not even like anymore. Clean out your closets, the garage and all your cupboards. Sell unwanted things online or at a yard sale and use the money you make to buy new items with which to decorate. Some new picture frames or a cool piece of art can do wonders. Or you can buy the supplies to refinish or reupholster your furniture.

Also think about simply rearranging what you already have. Reconsider where and how you hang pictures and art. Dig out some goofy old photos and make a fun collage. Move the furniture in your living room. Even such little changes can do a lot to get your home out of a rut.


You can buy beautiful new rugs to liven up a space, but sometimes rugs aren’t enough. Scratched, creaky, or odiferous floors can bog down a home and be a constant source of annoyance. Shiny new hardwood or laminate flooring can make any room feel clean and modern, and a new carpet screams coziness and livability.

The same thing goes for windows. You can dress them up with snazzy new blinds or elegant curtains, but if your windows are scratched, cracked, or let air sneak in, it’s time for replacements. New, properly installed windows make your home more energy-efficient, and, of course, they look great, too.

Granted, major updates like new floors and windows can cost quite a bit. If you’re serious about fixing your fixer-upper, however, it’s worth it. You can explore financing options at www.darlinghomes.com to get you started.

Your home should serve as the place where you feel most comfortable, most like yourself. A house with outdated finishings and a dreary attitude can drag you down and sap you of energy. Happily, though, with a little time and smart planning, you can turn your old house into your sanctuary.

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