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Beyond Function: 5 Surprising and Beautiful Tap Designs

Beyond Function: 5 Surprising and Beautiful Tap Designs

Twist, push or pull for flowing water – the function is simple, but here’s how the humble tap can go beyond that and become a surprising design feature.

Some designers consider taps to be a boring necessity to any kitchen or bathroom – more of an afterthought than an item essential to the design. However, there is a huge variety of taps on the market that go beyond function and can actually transform the look and feel of your room.

There is no reason why the simple tap can’t become centrepiece of your minimalist masterpiece. Here are five unusual tap designs which will take you by surprise and inspire you to think about the waterworks in your home.

Architectural - A strong, bold shape with architectural lines is great for any modern bathroom! A bold, geometric design has a sculptural quality that stands out against patterned wall paper (as pictured above), as well as in muted bathrooms. For the most striking effect possible, buy in polished chrome or steel. Ergonomically, a design like the above one is great because the wide tap levers make it very easy to turn on and off – altogether a very touchable, functional design.

Classical Tap - If you are looking for a classical ‘country kitchen’ style, then a traditional, curved tap can create the look you are dreaming about. An elegant spout and muted colour scheme fit in perfectly with a rustic or farmhouse style kitchen, and look especially stunning when surrounded by a contrasting wood surface. This is also a highly practical design with easy-to-pull handles – perfect for a busy chef. It’s more subtle than the gleaming chrome of modern kitchens, but no less eye-catching!

Built in Tap - A built-in tap is about as minimal as you can get. It provides a clean, no-frills finish which is perfect for a modern bathroom or even kitchen, and is a great choice when you’ve invested in a beautiful and unique sink that you want to take centre-stage rather than the tap. This also has the added benefit of being easier to clean, since less of it is on show and therefore potentially getting limescale! What better combination than style and practicality?

Arched Tap - Not all curved taps are suited to the rustic charm of a farmhouse kitchen. If your setting is a little more sleek and gleaming than rough-at-the-edges, opt for a minimalist curved chrome tap.I love this type of tap for its bold simplicity. When you turn it on, the smooth chrome arch of the tap is completed by the spouting water, creating an elegant shape. This type of tap is also suited to larger sinks, where a small spout just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, a large, curved tap will sweep right over the top (hence not getting in the way) and pour water right into the centre of the sink, however large it may be.

Designer Taps - If you really want your tap to stand out, forget about conventional aesthetics and opt for something that’s totally unique! You may need to search high and low before you find what you’re looking for, but you’ll know when you do – this style of tap is more of a miniature sculpture than a functional item, like artwork for your sink.

Any striking design would complement a bold, bright and funky bathroom colour scheme. I think this design is a perfect example of how a tap can become a feature in the same way many people would consider a bath or shower to be a feature of the room!

Still think taps are boring? Brighten up your kitchen or bathroom with a tap that makes a statement and let everyday tasks become a luxury!

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