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Beautify Your Backyard by Renovating your Deck

Need to update your backyard without completely re-doing it? Well it's time to renovate your deck!

Everyone loves to have a nice cozy backyard deck. A deck can make a backyard look attractive and beautiful. It not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the yard, but also serves as a great place to relax and unwind. Over time, your deck starts to wear out and lose color so itís a good idea to give it a full-fledge overhaul. The pretty backyard can turn ugly if you donít repair your deck in a long time.

If itís in bad shape, it can be dangerous; it may have popped up nails, ridged and sharp edges. You certainly wouldnít want someone to trip over them and get hurt. So itís great to have the deck repaired and liven up your backyard. Let us guide you on the process of deck renovation:


1: Make a Thorough Inspection

The first step to deck renovation is to thoroughly inspect the deck for structural damage. Check for loose wooden boards and sharp edges, also inspect the inside and bottom of the deck for any dark stains that are a sign for moisture making way indoors to your house. Check if the railings are loose; tighten them up with screws so they are safe to use.

2: Make the Surface Spick-and-Span

Once youíre done with fixing structural damages, itís time to clean the deck. If your deck does not get a yearly service, itís possible that it will be in a very bad condition. To clean the surface of the deck, you will need a hard bristled thick brush and elbow grease, to rub it into the deck floor. Before you grease the floor, you need to wash your deck with a pressure water spray (use a garden hose for that).

3: Cease it with a Protective Finish

The last step to renovating a deck is to apply a good quality stain. This stain provides protection from the sun rays that can damage the surface of the deck. The wood absorbs the stain which is why it doesnít come off. Make sure not to apply too much of the stain as once it will dry, it will become thick and splotchy; it will leave marks and make the surface look dirty.


While working on the deck, it is important to ensure safe practices. You may need certain deck cleaners that have chemicals in it to give the deck a shiny and clean look. Therefore, always take safety measures Ė use safety glasses and gloves. In case you are using strong chemicals to clean, make sure you have your plants protected from it. Spray the plants with water before you use any chemicals, and give another round of water spray after using the chemicals. This removes any possible chemical present on the leaves and flowers. You donít want to lose the beauty of your green garden while repairing your deck.


It only takes a week to freshen up a deck, fix any nails that are popping out, fix rough edges, apply new wood polish, and youíre done. It may take a while or more if the weather goes bad, such as rain and snowfall but otherwise, most good deck restoration companies get the job perfectly done in a weekís time.

Quality deck repair may cost you as low as $3000, depending on the size and design of the deck. You can get deck restoration services from different companies. Companies provide an estimate after a thorough inspection of the deck. A deck that has been damaged and has not been repaired for several years will be more costly to repair than the one that has been maintained regularly.

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