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Bathroom Rival Luxury Hotel
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Creating a Bathroom To Rival a Luxury Hotel

Want to get your bathroom at home to look like the beautiful ones at a luxury hotel? Read below to find out how

As Elle Decor recently revealed, there is almost no limit to the luxury that can be incorporated into a shower. While most of us have aspirations that are a little less glamorous, we still want a bathroom that looks great. Fortunately, creating a wonderful, hotel-style bathroom need not cost a fortune.


The fastest way to bring instant glamor to your bathroom is to install walk-in shower enclosures. Large and luxurious, walk-in units have minimal fittings to clutter the look of the glass, giving a chic, minimalist finish. They can either be used with a shower tray or, if you are creating a wet room, installed directly onto the floor. The sheer volume of space available means that they can be used with the largest, ceiling-mounted shower heads, giving an indulgent showering experience to rival that of the best hotels and spas.


If you do not have the space for a walk-in unit, there are still plenty of options. Fortunately, shower manufacturers have become very style-conscious in recent years so there is something to suit virtually any bathroom decor. That said, the streamlined look is a clear trend at the moment, so fashion-conscious homeowners are favoring shower units and doors that have little, if any, decorative detail. Many, however, are installing shower seats since these add a touch of luxury and can simply prove very convenient.

While many interior designers advise home owners to prioritize the bath over their shower, there is no denying that when it comes to re-sale value or simple desirability, it is always better to have both. With the current competition in the market this is entirely possible, even if money and space are in short supply. Some upmarket suppliers, such as www.bellabathrooms.co.uk, have brought together a wide range of options in their online shops. This has the advantage of letting you explore the combination of many different elements at your own pace, and whenever is convenient to you.

In terms of space, it is generally possible to have both a bath and a high-specification shower in even the tiniest of bathrooms. In the old days one simply installed an overhead shower, but modern consumers want more luxury than that. Luckily there is a range of desirable options including trays and enclosures that will slot neatly into previously unused corners of the room. Even better, these fittings also come with the glamor and design values of their larger, pricier equivalents.


Today’s shower units and fittings come in such a wide range of types and sizes, there really are very few bathrooms that cannot be instantly updated and given a touch of that hotel-style glamor. Even family bathrooms, perhaps the most functional of household spaces, can benefit and become a relaxing sanctuary for all members of the household. Whether you can persuade all members of the household to clean up afterwards is, of course, an entirely different matter!

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