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Who Needs Another Guest Room? 4 More Functional Alternatives for a Spare Bedroom

Who Needs Another Guest Room? 4 More Functional Alternatives for a Spare Bedroom

For those who rarely entertain overnight visitors, a guest bedroom can feel like a waste of space. Why designate a room to serve a purpose thatís only used once or twice a year when you can transform it into a custom space that you use daily? Here are four alternative functions for your spare bedroom and tips to transform it into a more useful space:

Craft Space

Serious crafting requires a ton of supplies. From assorted fabric, paper and ribbon to a plethora of adhesives, scissors and tools, itís tough to keep it all organized unless you have a designated space for it. Clear out everything in the spare bedroom and put it all in self storage so you can create a place to channel your inner Martha Stewart.

Anchor the room with a large table in the center to serve as a workstation. Choose one thatís made from a material thatís durable and easy to clean, like stainless steel or laminate. Install a wall of shelving to organize all of your supplies. Space shelves so that thereís enough room to store large items, such as sewing machines, as well as clear storage boxes to keep track of small things, such as pins, stickers and thread. Include a place for file storage so you can keep finished projects and inspirational magazine clippings in order. Craft editors at Better Homes & Gardens also recommend filing these items away in matching binders that can be displayed on open shelving.

Luxe Closet

Make your dream closet a reality. Assess your needs and determine how much hanging space you need, as well as shoe storage and space for open shelving. Add floor-to-ceiling shelving units around the perimeter of the rooms. Get an island of drawers for the center of the room to store small items that cannot be hung up or folded on open shelving. If your budget will allow, itís helpful to consult a custom closet professional. If not, Ikea sells affordable closet systems that will do the trick as well.

Home Theater

All you need is a large TV or a projector, plush seating and a surround sound system and youíll never want to go to the local multiplex again. Install blackout curtains over any windows so you can enjoy a movie in darkness, day or night. For seating, get a large sectional couch or several matching recliners. Be sure to have lots of pillows and blankets on hand.

Yoga Room

Embrace minimalism when renovating your spare room into a yoga room. Natural light is preferred, so strip away the blinds and paint walls white to give the room a light and airy feeling. Avoid leaving any furniture in this room youíll need plenty of space to stretch and unwind. Hardwood, tile or concrete flooring is preferred to keep your yoga mat in place, so get rid of any old carpeting. If youíll be practicing along to yoga DVDs, mount a TV on the wall and store the DVD player in the closet to minimize clutter.

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