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8 Smart Easy Home Cleaning Tips
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8 Smart and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Read below to find out some smart and easy home cleaning tips!

Keeping your home clean can seem like a challenge. Even more challenging is finding the time to get the work done. However, with a “clean as you go” policy in place, you can limit the bigger chores to about an hour a week. Here are eight smart and easy home cleaning tips to aid you in your cause:

1. Drains kept clear — Clogged sinks happen because of neglect. By pouring a plumbing solution down the sink, you can free even the toughest clogs. Supplement that effort by using boiling water only every seven to 10 days.

2. Pick up loose hairs — Check the corners of your bathroom and you’ll find loose hairs accumulating. In between sweeping and mopping, dampen a sheet of paper towel and use it to pick up wayward follicles.

3. Keep shower doors clean — That Rain-X you use on your car’s windshield can also come in handy in the bathroom. Spray it on the inside surface of the shower door and repeat every two to six months as needed.

4. Clean a kitchen disposal -- A stinky smell in your kitchen can often be traced to your garbage disposal. These units do a great job of grinding up and consuming food product, but they’re also susceptible to holding food residue. Get rid of the odor by cutting up citrus peels and placing these in the disposal. Add cold water and run until clear — your drain will smell better in no time.

5. Loving your oven — Cleaning your oven is an absolute hassle. The trick here is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place or at least limiting dripping that can accumulate at the base of your oven. Simply line the bottom rack with two to three sheets of aluminum foil to catch whatever drips fall. Remove same when covered with grease and replace with new sheets.

6. Tend to the dishwasher — Your dishwasher cleans your dishes and utensils, but it needs it own clean up as well. You can do this by sprinkling baking soda on a damp sponge then wiping down the inside of the dishwasher where food stains are found. Go one step further by adding one-half to a full cup of bleach at the bottom of your dishwasher, running it through a full cycle. This option is not advisable for stainless steel interiors, however.

7. Clean doors quickly — Door knobs can quickly lose sparkle and also host a variety of germs. For brass knobs, spray with lemon juice and wipe off with a damp cloth before buffing it dry. You can even use ketchup by squirting a teaspoon on a clean cloth and rubbing it over the brass surface. Again, use a damp cloth to clean up before buffing it dry.

8. Attack clutter aggressively — What causes consternation for many folk is clutter. And until you get this matter under control, maintaining a clean home will take much more work. The best approach here is to nip clutter in the bud. Start by setting up baskets by the front door — one for gather hats and gloves, another for shoes. Consider hanging a shoe rack on the inside door of the foyer — it can also hold junk mail that should never make it into the rest of the house. Empty trash cans nightly, require your children to keep their toys in order, and get in the habit of throwing out or passing on items you haven’t used in six months — one year for seasonal items such as boots, coats, and sweaters.


Keep to a regular schedule and you won’t dread your regular home clean ups. And, you’ll have less to do as the daily jobs limit dirt and clutter accumulation, keeping you sane.

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