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6 Tips To Get Rid Of 6 Legged This Year
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6 Tips to Get Rid of the 6 Legged This Year

Read below to find out how to get rid of all bugs in your home!

Do you have bugs in your home? Is the titter tatter getting louder with the passage of time? May be its time to get rid of the 6-legged devils relaxing uninvited in your home. So what do you do when you see a pest here and a bed bug there, gradually infesting your home? Do you run out of your home in panic? That does not sound like a permanent solution to the problem. It is the pests that need to leave, not you! Here are six tips to get rid of the 6-legged from your home this year:


Sweep clean your home regularly. Use anti bacterial liquids, toilet cleaners, surface cleaners and floor cleaners. Most anti bacterial cleaners for different surfaces work well to kill bacteria, which in turn keeps pests away. Also make sure you do not leave any food scraps in the corner of your kitchen, or lying around under your dining table or anywhere else in the house for that matter. Remember, even a tiny bit of crumb from the bread is enough to invite these little devils.


If you spot any mice, rodents or rats in your home, immediately get hold of mouse traps. Place these traps near the exit/entrance and youíll have the victim caught within minutes. Mice, rodents and rats can be quite a trouble as they multiply very fast. For a foolproof plan, glue or screw the mouse traps into the floor (if itís wooden, e.g. the attic), so in case a rat (bigger than a mouse) is trapped, it isnít able to run away with the trap. Make sure to remove the traps as soon as a mouse is trapped in it.


Insect spray is easily available in all stores. Regularly spray corners and exit points of your home, kitchen and bathroom with insect sprays. Insect repellents are effective to keep away insects temporarily, so itís good to make use of it regularly. Preferably, spray the potential areas where you may see cockroaches, ants, termites and bugs at night and close the room area for half an hour. This helps to contain the effect of the spray in the area for a long period.


Cockroaches, ants, rats, and typically all sorts of bugs love food. So if you have uncovered food left over, youíll definitely see these pests feasting on your leftovers. To prevent bugs from dining in your kitchen on your food, make sure you cover your food properly and place it in airtight jars. This keeps the pests away and the food stays fresh too.


When you wash the dishes, have a wet kitchen counter because of spilt over juice etc, it will be an open invitation to cockroaches and other bugs. Do not leave the dishes with food scraps and grease to be washed later. Leaving the dishes overnight can invite pests to feast on your dishes and it will eventually multiply the bacteria that the cockroaches and other pests may carry with them.


If all else fails, and you have stubborn pests who wonít budge, then it is a smart decision to get in touch with a professional pest control service provider. A professional pest controller can identify the causes and the types of pests present in your home. He or she will then help you get rid of pests from your home. An inspection is necessary to prevent health problems that may otherwise occur in the presence of pests.

These pest control companies offer pest control services that can permanently free your home from all kinds of pests. So whether itís winter, summer, a holiday season or not, your home will be free from termites, rodents, mosquitoes, and other kinds of pests.

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