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5 Sneaky Ways To Make Your Living Space Look Larger
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5 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Living Space Look Larger

Read below to find out how to make your living space look larger!

While people will often do a variety of things to make their living space more aesthetically appealing and functional, attempting to make rooms look larger is oftentimes one of their most important objectives to accomplish. Regardless of an individual’s rationale for attempting to make rooms look larger, it is often the case that figuring out exactly how to make one’s living space look larger is frequently a frustrating task. If you find yourself having difficulty making your rooms look bigger, the following five strategies can be of great help to you:


As many interior designers know, colors can be used to transform the appearance of a room. They can also be used to make it look larger. If this is your goal, using light colors such as creams and icy blues can help make a tiny room look much larger than it actually is. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that light, bright colors create an open, airy feeling which contributes to the feeling that a room is spacious rather than cramped. On the other hand, dark colors absorb light, and it is this factor that makes them contribute to a room appearing small.


It is sometimes difficult to explain how natural light contributes to making a living space look larger, yet millions of people attest to it having this very effect. Perhaps exposing a room to natural lighting makes it look larger as a result of the fact that it connects one’s living space to the unlimited world of the outdoors. Or perhaps the presence of the sun’s rays peering through an open window provides the type of natural lighting that "opens up" the interior in a way that artificial light cannot. Irrespective of the reason, natural light tends to make rooms appear larger, making it a great option when you want your space to look bigger.


Many people are surprised to find that the simple act of eliminating clutter from their homes can make it appear larger. To make it happen, be sure to keep your living space organized and tidy. If you have too many objects and decorative pieces lying around or hanging on walls, your space is sure to look smaller. Since this is the case, consider the advantage of using one large decorative painting rather than several small ones. Also be sure to create a central focal point designed to draw the eye of the viewer. In so doing, be sure to keep the rest of your décor minimal and keep your floors as clean and clear as you can.


There are a variety of ways you can arrange your furniture to make your living space look larger. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to do this is to make one piece of furniture multi-functional. For example, a chest can double as a coffee table. Also consider putting your larger pieces of furniture against your walls so that the open space throughout your room is not "broken up."


If you’re interested in making your living space look larger, you should note that mirrors can help you accomplish this task. To make the most of this technique, pick a central point and strategically angle the mirrors towards it. This will create the illusion of depth. Additionally, mirrors are capable of reflecting both artificial and natural light in order to make your living space look brighter at night as well as throughout the day.


Although you may have experienced challenges in your attempt to make your rooms look bigger, solutions for these challenges exist. By implementing some or all of the strategies listed above, you can begin cultivating living space that appears smaller. Good luck!

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