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4 Home Remodels To Consider This Summer
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4 Home Remodels to Consider this Summer

Read below to find out some great remodeling ideas for your home this summer

More time at home, extra hands (if you’ve got teenage children), and gorgeous weather, make summer a great time to do that remodel you’ve been waiting for. Here are four summer-smart remodeling projects for your home.


Summer is a great time to upgrade your flooring. Not only is there less chance of little feet tracking mud over your remodeling project, but temperate summer weather enables you to open the windows and doors to ventilate your work area. Many suppliers also have multiple summer sales which will enable you to get the best possible price on materials.

Whether you are looking to finally exchange that shag carpet for the low-maintenance beauty of hardwood, or finishing up a tiling job you started years ago, summer is a great time for installing new flooring.


Your windows are one of the biggest sources of heat gain in your home. You can counteract this with these simple tricks:

Draw the shades. Keeping the curtains or blinds closed when the sun is coming in will help keep the heat out.

Check the window seal. Check around your windows for any gaps or cracks and repair them with fresh caulk to keep cool air from escaping.

Use your windows to your advantage. If you live in a dry climate, keep your windows open a crack at night to keep the house cool instead of running the AC all night. On days with comfortable temperatures outside, turn your air conditioner off completely and open all of your windows. This will allow you get rid of the stale air in your home and bring in the fresh air.

If your single-pane windows have seen better days, you’ll probably want to replace them. Replacing your old windows before the summer heat hits can keep your energy bill low and your home cool all summer long.


You may have held off on building a deck because it’s a complex, large-scale project, but you don’t need to wait any longer. There are lots of options for building more manageable decks, even for smaller yards. Decks add value to your home, and provide space for entertaining and relaxing in the summer sun. They also make great areas to have a picnic outside. You might even consider installing a small pool or hot tub on your deck.

Consider building an on-grade deck—a deck built just above the ground. These decks require less complicated planning and building, and beautify a space instantly. Follow Tom Silva’s (a general contractor with This Old House) instructions for a simple, on-grade deck or innovate a deck to fit your backyard space.


Adding an arbor or trellis to your garden is a great project for early in the summer. An arbor can divide the space in your yard and garden, adding focus and functionality. Arbors and trellises are ideal for vines and climbing plants like honeysuckle and grapevines.

Buy and install an arbor, or build your own! Arbors add shade and beauty to your yard by expanding your garden vertically.

Tackle these home remodeling projects this summer to make the most of your home.

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