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4 Common Clutter Traps
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The 4 Most Common Clutter Traps in the Home

Read below to learn about the 4 most common clutter traps in your home

Is the clutter monster taking over your household? If one or more rooms in your home holds more stuff than there are places to put it, the answer is likely a resounding yes. No one wants to admit to a clutter problem, but you still have plenty of time to recover from your hoarding ways. Fix these four most common clutter traps in your home so you can reclaim your space.


An organized closet is a beautiful thing, but when it harbors your excess stuff, it can turn into a clutter-cave. Organize those disorderly areas starting with the smallest closet so that you will feel accomplished and motivated to work on the larger ones.

Start by emptying the entire closet and sorting each object into one of three piles: trash, donate, and keep. Be generous with your donate pile; chances are that the items you store away in a closet are not as valuable to you as those that are out and ready for use. Store important items in the “keep pile” like medicine and cleaning products in containers so they are easy to reach, hang a shoe-organizer on the door to hold all those extra knick-knacks, and in as little as ten minutes—you have a clean closet.

While you are purging your hallway closets, make sure to go through your personal closet too. Make a donation pile for the clothing items that no longer fit, are unflattering, or have not been worn in over six months.


Playrooms can be a disaster area if they are not cleaned regularly. Any space that involves children and an abundance of toys requires plenty of upkeep in order to prevent it from looking messy. Go through the toy room at least every couple of months; trash the broken toys and donate toys that are not played with often.

Another effective way to stay on top of toy clutter is to put the toys in “time out.” Box up several toys at a time and store them for a month, then bring them back out and rotate them with other toys. This will keep children interested in their toys and make things easier to clean too.


The entrance to your home attracts all types of clutter, including mail, shoes, coats, and homework. Your entryway is the first thing your neighbors and visitors will see when they enter your home, so it’s important to keep it looking nice. Tackle your pile of mail first, since unpaid bills and junk mail tend to pile up quickly. Hanging a simple mail organizer near the door will help you separate the unpaid bills and keep them from adding clutter to your table. Get in the habit of opening your mail daily and throwing out the junk mail.

Next, you need a place for coats and bags. This can be as easy as hanging a coat rack near the door for easy access. If your family is involved with several different sports or activities, use a different bag for each sport so all those miscellaneous items stay organized and tucked away.


Those spare bedrooms may seem like a blessing when you first move in, but they often turn into a retirement space for leftover furniture and appliances. While items like portable heaters and electric fans are important to have on hand (especially for the many people out there who do not have air conditioning in their Edmonton home), they look cluttered when they are not in use. Consider keeping the unused decorations and furniture pieces stored in your spare bedrooms to an absolute minimum, and storing the rest of your items in the bedroom closet. The more items that you get rid of that you don’t need, the easier it will be to stay on top of the clutter.

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