As a Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) client, you have become accustomed to receiving the best possible customer service available and an almost unlimited amount of services available through one company. Part of our commitment to you, our client, is to continue providing you with numerous services as well as update our services. While we have grown in the number of team members and vendors that we partner with, we have also grown in the number and categories of services that we can provide.

Continuing our commitment to you, and understanding the state of our economy and the importance of being mindful of expenses at times, we have partnered with local merchants to provide you with The Gardens Club. As a GHMS member, you will automatically be granted access to The Gardens Club. This club will allow you access to exclusive offers to area merchants that we have established relationships with in order to better serve you. As a Gardens Club member, you will receive a member’s only card symbolizing your membership. This card will give you access to exclusive discounts at participating locations. Some examples of the types of business that we have partnered with include, but are not limited to, restaurants, dry cleaners and pet grooming companies.

Click Here to view a list of participating vendors.

We will be continuously adding exclusive discounts and partnering with different merchants as we uphold our commitment to serve you the best that we can.

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.