Do you have a home watch checklist and a reliable management team taking care of your property? Owning a vacation home is certainly rewarding, however, it does come with a certain amount of risk involved. Unfortunately, you cannot always be at your vacation home – that means that you need a reliable home management team to ensure that your property is in good condition and secure at all times. After all, when you visit your vacation home you don’t want to waste your vacation time carrying out repairs and maintenance tasks.

If you are considering hiring a home management team, it’s best to provide them with a home watch checklist to follow or expect them to have a thorough and efficient checklist of their own in place. To simplify things for you, we have compiled a brief home watch checklist for you to use and reference. The following areas should be of utmost important to you and your home management team:

  • Check for pest problems and infestation.
  • General security checks and response to alarm activations.
  • Water damage and weather damage.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of air conditioning systems.
  • General checks, maintenance and repairs of plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the garden and swimming pool.
  • Hurricane-proofing of the home when a storm is detected.

Enjoy the peace of mind that a professional home management services team can offer

If you would like a presence at your vacation home to ensure that your property is safe, sound and always in good order while you are away, trust the team at Gardens Home Management Services. We have a home watch checklist that our qualified and experienced staff members follow meticulously. For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone today.