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30 Mar, 20

We Care. We Are Open. We Are Essential. COVID-19 Update, 3.29.20

By |2020-03-30T08:42:40-04:00March 30th, 2020|General, News & Articles|

Who would have thought we would all be experiencing such a crisis in our lifetimes.  Thing are changing daily but I wanted to give everyone an update on Gardens Home Management. I also wanted to wish everyone well and hope you are staying healthy!! Our office is open, and we are out servicing clients. Many [...]

23 Mar, 20

COVID-19, Video Message Update 3.23.20

By |2020-03-23T15:14:44-04:00March 23rd, 2020|General, News & Articles|

Please click on the below video link message from me in regards to how the Coronavirus is affecting Gardens Home Management. All protocols are in place to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We have even started requiring staff to take their temperature prior to coming to work as an added precaution to all the protocols we [...]

18 Mar, 20

GHMS COVID-19 Operational Update – We Are Here to Help & Open for Business! 3.18.20

By |2020-03-18T09:18:31-04:00March 18th, 2020|General, News & Articles|

As many businesses are closing down and not operating that is quite the opposite at Gardens Home. We do have a few employees working from home as I am limiting the amount of people in the office.  We are staggering some start times for employees to create more social distancing and everyone is following the protocols [...]

16 Mar, 20

Homeowner Departure Message from Chip, President of GHMS – 3.16.20

By |2020-03-18T09:19:20-04:00March 16th, 2020|General, News & Articles|

With everything happening at this time we realize your departure date might be up in the air, delayed or you may be heading out earlier than you had expected.   If you could please respond back and give us an update it would be greatly appreciated to help us with scheduling of starting homewatch visits to [...]

13 Mar, 20

GHMS – We Are Here to Help (Covid-19 Update), 3.13.20

By |2020-03-18T09:19:58-04:00March 13th, 2020|General, News & Articles, Newsletters|

Yesterday the staff and I were brainstorming ideas of how we can help our clients during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  The Corona virus (Covid-19) has  affected each and everyone of us in various ways and now the President has declared a National Emergency.    If you need to push up your departure but need [...]

11 Mar, 20

How Gardens Home Management is Handling Coronavirus (COVID-19), 3.11.20

By |2020-03-18T09:20:43-04:00March 11th, 2020|General, Home Care Tips, News & Articles|

Dear Valued Customer, There is a tremendous amount of information floating around regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As president of GHMS, I am having my staff take proactive measures not only to ensure their safety, but yours as well. This is a precautionary in light of the situation at hand. We have an extra large Germ [...]

9 Mar, 20

Don’t Miss One Of These Steps When Departing for Season! 3.9.20

By |2020-03-18T09:21:10-04:00March 9th, 2020|General, Home Care Tips, News & Articles|

During April, May, and June, some of our friends begin to pack up their belongings and prepare for their trips back to their homes in the northern U.S. But before you hop on that plane, make sure you go through the appropriate steps to close your Florida home. Many things can happen when you close [...]

5 Mar, 20

Employee Spotlight, February 2020

By |2020-03-05T13:25:30-05:00March 5th, 2020|General, News & Articles, Newsletters|

Henry Siegel Boca Operations Manager With over 35 years of experience within the construction field, Henry is our guru. With having managed and owned a building supply company as well as a remodeling company, he is the man to go to with any questions. He enjoys spending time with his grand-kids and fishing when he [...]

2 Mar, 20

The Home Care Pro Newsletter: February 2020

By |2020-03-02T14:18:22-05:00March 2nd, 2020|General, News & Articles, Newsletters|

Gardens Home Management Services hopes everyone is enjoying the 2020 season! Thank you for being a loyal customer and if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Chip Sollins "Honey Do" List Looking for someone to handle you "Honey-Do" list? Our handyman services can take care of all your projects! From [...]

18 Feb, 20

Departure Tips for Season 2020

By |2020-02-18T09:14:32-05:00February 18th, 2020|General, Home Care Tips, News & Articles|

The time is almost here when snowbirds will fly home! Before you leave your home for season, here are a few things to remember to do before you go! 1. Have the gardener trim all trees and shrubs around your house so we can easily access your water valve and shutters. This will also help prevent [...]