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13 May, 19

Hurricane Preparedness Week May 5-11, 2019

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Hurricane Preparedness Week Kick-Off It only takes one storm to change your life and community. Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. If you live in an area prone to tropical cyclones, you need to be prepared. Learn how during Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 5-11, 2019) Sunday, May 5th The threats from [...]

13 May, 19

The Home Care Pro Hurricane Newsletter: May 2019

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It only takes one storm to change your life and community. Hurricane season is again upon us and it is imperative that all of us are prepared and evacuation and home protection plans are in place. The Gardens Home Management Services team is geared up for hurricane season 2019 and ready to weather any storm. [...]

9 May, 19

Departing Tips For Season 5.9.19

By |2019-08-01T06:38:43-04:00May 9th, 2019|News & Articles|

The time is here when snowbirds start thinking about heading home ! Before you leave your home for season, here are a few things to remember to do before you go! 1. Have the gardener trim all trees and shrubs around your house so we can easily access your water valve and shutters. This will [...]

6 May, 19

Protect Your South Florida Home before Heading North for the Summer

By |2019-07-31T18:13:29-04:00May 6th, 2019|Home Maintenance Services|

Are you a part-time Floridian who likes to head north for the summer? Then you will need to go through a home maintenance checklist to make sure your South Florida home is protected from the harsh summer weather. The near-tropical climate in Florida can wreak havoc on a home if you aren’t properly prepared. Here [...]

6 May, 19

2019 Spring Home Maintenance Tips | 5.6.19

By |2019-08-01T06:32:17-04:00May 6th, 2019|News & Articles|

Spring is the perfect time to make sure everything in and around your property is in order. If you are scratching your head while looking at your home because you are not sure where to start, here are a few 2019 spring home maintenance ideas to put on your to-do list: 2019 Spring Home Maintenance [...]

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