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25 Jan, 16

Home maintenance in Palm Beach | Why you should hire a professional maintenance team

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Owning a home in Palm Beach comes with a great deal of benefits as well as responsibilities. Taking care of your home and its surrounding property is absolutely essential if you want your home to look great as well as continue to increase in value. Home maintenance is not a task that just anyone can [...]

18 Jan, 16

How estate management services can work for you

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A quick search on the internet under the title of “How to maintain your property’s value” or similar, will yield many tips and hints on how to keep your investment home from devaluing. From renovations, big or small, to paint jobs, garden makeovers and new lighting, there’s a lot of advice to be had from [...]

4 Jan, 16

Is your home being watched?

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It’s a sad reality that crime exists, but also that crime in West Palm Beach is on the rise. According to Neighborhood Scout, property crime is the highest type of crime in this area, with your chances of being a victim as high as 1 in 21. House breaking or theft of your possessions is [...]