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19 Dec, 16

5 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Home Management Company for a Second Home

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If you have a vacation home, you probably won’t be able to spend as much time there as you’d like. This leads to questions about maintenance and keeping the home in excellent condition for the next time you need a breather from the daily grind. Thankfully, home management companies, like Gardens Home Management Services, are [...]

5 Dec, 16

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist for Southern Florida

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The chilly winter weather is officially upon us. Luckily, keeping your home in Southern Florida in tip-top shape is easy when you follow our handy winter home maintenance checklist: Service Your Heating System Call a professional who will be able to replace any parts and repair any flaws in your heating system. If you find [...]

21 Nov, 16

What are the benefits of using a home management service?

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Owning a vacation home in Florida may seem like an excellent idea until you consider the maintenance and upkeep while you’re away. Unfortunately, property investments take time and attention if you want to maintain or even improve their curb appeal and overall value. If you have a vacation home in Florida and spend most of [...]

7 Nov, 16

Top 8 questions to ask when hiring a home watch service for your vacation home

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While you may want to spend every waking moment in your Florida vacation home, it’s not always possible. If you need to spend the bulk of your time thousands of miles away from your vacation home, you’re going to need to hire a home watch service. Before deciding on which home watch service provider is [...]

17 Oct, 16

Why is it important to have a Vacation home watch service and what is included in the service

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If you have a vacation home in Florida, you have a slice of paradise! Florida offers pristine beaches and a gorgeous tropical climate that’s simply loved by all. Unfortunately, getting that Florida sun-kissed look doesn’t come without its stresses and complications. For instance, a mutual concern shared by vacation-home owners is who will take care [...]

4 Oct, 16

Hurricane Matthew Update

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Hurricane Matthew Update Hurricane Matthew's path has shifted closer to Florida's east coast and officials say residents should start preparing. The storm started picking up speed overnight ahead of making landfall about 7 a.m. in southwestern Haiti as a powerful Category 4 hurricane with 145 mph winds - the first Category 4 storm to hit [...]

3 Oct, 16

5 questions to ask before signing a home maintenance service contract

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If you own property in Florida, but don’t reside on the premises permanently, you are going to need to consider hiring a professional home maintenance team to keep your property in good order. Choosing the right company to enter into a home maintenance service contract with can be daunting, so it’s best to consider a [...]