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27 Apr, 15

Everything you need to know about Thunderstorms!

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Every Floridian knows the saying, “When thunder roars, go indoors.” Since thunderstorms in Florida are as common as the sunrise and sunset, it’s easy for many Sunshine State residents to ignore the rumbling in the sky and continue their everyday activities. But disregarding Mother Nature can be dangerous, and even deadly. Every thunderstorm produces lightning, [...]

20 Apr, 15

Understanding Estate Management | Manalapan professionals provide insight

By |2015-04-20T09:00:39-04:00April 20th, 2015|Estate Management Services|

If you enjoy travelling the world or venturing overseas for business but also worry that your home and belongings may be at risk, then estate management in Manalapan and their services are ideal for you. With Gardens Home Management Services, you can travel to your heart’s content, while never having to worry about weather conditions, [...]

13 Apr, 15

Some of the Great Service Benefits of Home Watch in Delray Beach

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Home Watch in Delray Beach is there for you, when you decide that it is finally your time to take a well-earned vacation, or if you have to travel to foreign countries for business. We will give you peace of mind in knowing that your home is safe. This is precisely what we offer as [...]

6 Apr, 15

What to expect of Home Watch in North Palm Beach

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Home Watch in North Palm Beach can be incredibly tricky if you find yourself having to do a lot of travelling for work. By getting in touch with Home Watch and hiring a professional to keep an eye on your home, you can guarantee that your property will remain in pristine condition throughout the year. [...]

1 Apr, 15

Preparing Your Home For Rainy Season

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South Florida's rainy season brings with it both good and not-so-good elements, and we have to prepare our homes for both. Mid-May through October is considered the rainy season with August and September seeing the highest rainfall. Throughout this timeframe, South Florida normally receives 26.78 inches - that's 70 percent of an entire year's rainfall! [...]