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29 Dec, 15

Happy New Year!

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Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a happy & healthy new year. All of us at Gardens Home Management Services want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support in 2015. We look forward to working with you in 2016! The GHMS Team

21 Dec, 15

A deeper look at home maintenance

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When you think of home maintenance, the images which spring to mind are commonly of painting, varnishing, tiling, fixing windows, roof tiles and overhauling the pool or garden. Largely done outdoors, by teams of men with tool belts, ladders and a lot of mess - right? But, for complete home maintenance, you also need to [...]

14 Dec, 15

Eight reasons to maintain your Palm Beach home

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Home maintenance is often ignored, because, let’s face it, it’s a pain in the neck. Often, money is short and spent on anything other than maintenance costs, when in reality, maintaining your home works out cheaper than emergency repair work. You should think about maintaining your home for the same reason you maintain your car [...]

7 Dec, 15

Home security in Delray Beach

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Protecting your home and family is probably the foremost concern for most homeowners in Delray Beach. Crime statistics show the three highest types of crime in Florida are theft, robberies and assault. With many of the homes in Delray Beach being used for only half the year, or sporadically for holidays or while on business, [...]

16 Nov, 15

Get your West Palm Beach home hurricane-proof

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As the 2015 hurricane season draws to a close, it’s once again a lucky thing that West Palm Beach was not hit. Since a hurricane has not actually hit Florida in 10 years, it is very fortunate that no major damage has been caused, but with traditional weather patterns changing and global warming playing havoc [...]

9 Nov, 15

Why maintaining your home in Jupiter is important

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Home maintenance is nobody’s idea of a good time, but it is a vital part of keeping your house safe, pleasant to live in and at its full market value. With seasonal homes especially, it can difficult to carry out maintenance work, or to even know it needs doing when you’re not there to see [...]