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Nobody Likes an Ugly Front Door

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5 Advantages of Refinishing Your Doors

1. Refinishing a front door gives immediate curb appeal and provides a gorgeous way to greet guests to your home.

2. Replacing an exterior door, whether itís the door to your home or a garage door, can be costly. Refinishing your door is a much more economical choice.

3. Our professional craftsmen use the highest quality products available. We protect your wood, fiberglass and metal doors from ultraviolet rays and salt air with our custom sealant.

4. Licensed, bonded and insured! We treat each door as if it was our own, and we arenít happy until you are completely satisfied.

5. Our sealant protects your Garage Doors as well. A refinished garage compliments a beautiful front door. Don't forget your gates and fences. We make them beautiful too!

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