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" Tia just a quick note to tell you that Mr. T really saved the day for me today. I shipped my car and I also packed stuff in it including a painting. Well, when I put the painting in the back seat, the top was down on the car. When I put the top up to ship the car, the painting jammed against the top. Because of the awkward size, I wanted Don and Mr. T to take it out so I went to put the top down and the painting jammed in really tight. Mr. T was able to get into the back seat and free the painting by gently pulling it forward I have to tell you this entire process took almost an hour.

I actually thought I was going to have to have the car shipped to the dealer and I fully expected they would have to remove the top!! That would have been BIG $$$$$ !!! So Kudos to Mr. T we then tackled my long list of things to do not sure what I would do without him!!! "

Thank you for the wonderful email Ms. Cook!