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Thanks so much, Tia! I will definitely call you with anything that comes up. And Iíll let you know when we have a good solid closing date for stopping services.

And thank YOU for everything Ė youíve made it possible for us to continue with our crazy two-house/two-state family situation. Donít know how we could have done it without you! And itís been fun all along, too, not stressful, which I owe to your ability to get things Ė any and all things Ė done and more importantly your general all-around awesomeness as a person. Iíll miss working with you! But you never know, life takes all kinds of twists and turns, doesnít it?

Iím getting ahead of myself though Ė this is not a done deal yet and Iím sure Iíll be in touch a bunch in the coming weeks whether or not it goes through.

Bye for now and stay cool!